Here’s what others are saying about “Experience Northeast Georgia”…

Alta Buckley of Sautee Nacoochee said simply: “I love it.”
She added: “I’ve listened to the first two disks, and can’t wait to hear the other two. As a newcomer to White County of 19 years, I’ve learned so much about the area. He (John Kollock) makes it so real. If you haven’t visited some of these places, he makes you want to go. Really, it’s the little anecdotes about the different places that make it so special. You can read the historical facts. But these little stories make it real.”


Duncan Dobie of Marietta, who enjoys visits to the Sautee valley to visit his mother-in-law, Lib Tucker, had this to say: “My wife, Kappi, and I went up to Chattanooga and listened to the tapes. They are unbelievable…just unbelievable. We love them. She wants to get a whole bunch more to give to people we know up in the mountains. It’s the wording … and the fact that John is narrating it …it’s just a work of art. I can’t wait to hear it all. I’ve already gotten choked up a couple of times, especially when listening to the Arthur Woody part. I mean he (Kollock) just does such a fantastic job.”


Linda Jordan of Clarkesville, a long-time fan of Kollock, had this to say: “I’m overwhelmed with this incredible project. I think it’s the best thing Emory has ever done, and the best thing John has ever done, and I love DeDe’s music. I have laughed and then I’ve cried. And then I’ve laughed some more. John is the perfect narrator, and really he’s storyteller.”
She continued: “John had a painting, “Picking on the Porch.” I think it was last spring.  I felt like I was sitting on a porch in a rocking chair as I listened straight through all four hours. The whole project is perfect – perfect in the choices of sites – perfect in the choice of narrator.”


My husband and I have started to visit the sites on the CDs we have not seen before/having a blast!
Emory- you and John Kollock did a fantastic job on Experience Northeast Georgia! My husband and I are so enjoying it; we plan a few trips in the near future to see these wonderful places. When I saw the writeup in the paper I had to have a copy. Thanks again – Jo-Ann Crawley


I just finished John Kollock’s last CD of Northeast Georgia.  I enjoyed it so much – especially since I had met him and bought some of his prints.  I loved hearing all the interesting stories he had to tell about the people and places. I sure did learn a lot I didn’t know.  Thank you so much for sharing that with us.  – Angela Harvey